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  • Posted On: Dec 28, 2020
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  • Category: Movies - TV
  • Description: Welcome to Afrocentric Media, where we can share pretty much anything Black/Afro/Kemet related here. We have a few Group Topics that can be added to your posts, so that we can find them pretty easily. Current Group Topics: Heritage (Posts that are related to the African Diaspora's History) Black Politics (Posts that can be time sensitive that affect us like Gerrymandering, Red-Lining, Education, Commerce) Sports/Arts (Beautiful displays of Blackness around the Globe like Ballet, Painting, Music, Poetry) Film/TV (Old and New Movie/TV content like Reviews, Breakdowns, Free Streaming, Quotes and more) Science/Tech (Past and Latest Scrence/Technology News) Please feel free to suggest new Topics, by messaging AM Directly. We hope you like your Afrocentric Media experience.