• #FEAR# is being Projected onto you to cause Anxiety stress heart break and paranoia and confusion ect. Using #Black Magic# or energy manipulation..it's not your energy..your not really anxious afraid or paranoid.. somebody is doing that to you so you...  more
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    I don't get jealous when I see yall pictures with yall husband or boyfriend.. I get hype to know #Black #Love #Is #Real.. I will have it one day***
  • Yoda
    #black power!!!
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    So I'm watching the Africa Daily News channel and this comes across my screen. But not one mention of any African wars/armed African conflicts🤔. Da fuck‼️ Sooooooooo on a continent with wars and conflicts that go back to the 90's you have a news...  more
  • Rory Duncan
    Just had a thought.....

    Question for the Kentanji fans.....

    What if Justice Stephen Breyer decides not to retire in late June/early July as he has announced he will?.....

    And if he did there's no legal way to force him off the bench.

    ...  more
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    • Rory Duncan
      Christopher Lavender It’s even deeper than that it’s spiritual they want our souls because they can never be us
    • Rory Duncan
      D Reigns Omg I just posted one but it was twins
  • Rory Duncan
    What the fuck is the "peace to the gods" for? How you got god degree when you partnered with devils Jay-Z? How got god degree when you in a picture with an Asian in blackface and a braid wig Snoop Dogg, I mean Coon Doog? You gonna break your partnership...  more
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      Isom Harris I gotta say I agree with a lot of what you posted here
  • Rory Duncan
    Repost from the good sister @staroromia3

    These gods have a great sense of humor. And this shit is funny🤣. But it ain't funny all. These are actual being stated.

    #B1🖤 #Skinfolk #Black #blackdiaspora #blackissues #blackmatters #blackyouth...  more
    Repost from the good sister @staroromia3 These gods have a great sense of humor. And this shit is funny
  • Rory Duncan
  • Rory Duncan

    Without the sacrifice it took of our elders this generation wouldn't have access to the money it takes to pay for therapy or even be allowed into the homes and buildings where therapists do their work. It's great...  more
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      HOKTEE x I'd agree with you this mess here
    • Rory Duncan
      Tha Warrior Prince Now I understand your point but I have to disagree. The reason why the elders got shit done is because people were real with them. Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan once said it himself the elders have become the products of pharaoh. Meaning a lot of...  more View 1 Reply
    • Rory Duncan
      Isom Harris Man O Man this is a good one. Can I pick all the above. There are young people knocking it out the park these days and there are young people that are agents of chaos and destruction. There are some elders that should be quiet and sit this one out as...  more
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    Reposted from @therealboycewatkins

    A team of international researchers, including from India, have found that the COVID-19 virus' contains a tiny chunk of DNA that matched the sequence patented by Moderna three years before the onset of the...  more
  • Rory Duncan
    Fuck all that other weak shit they told you it was and hyped you up on. This is the definition of what "Black Excellence" truly is.
    That bag ain't gonna do a damn thing for you if your mind ain't right.

    #B1 #blackdiaspora...  more
  • Rory Duncan
    🤔So..........that was all y'all wanted out of the deal Jay Z did with the good ol' boys of the NFL skinfolk?
    The deal that was supposed to spearhead a change initiative in the US through the support of the league.
    Same league that Skinfolk (70% Black...  more